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Lawyers: Qanon Obssesive Who Killed Mob Boss Also Had Sights Set on Waters, Schiff, De Blasio

Lawyers: Qanon Obssesive Who Killed Mob Boss Also Had Sights Set on Waters, Schiff, De Blasio

When Gambino Family Boss Francesco Cali was gunned down in Staten Island, it was considered the most high profile killing of a mob boss since Paul Castellano in 1985. The gunman, Anthony Commelo was caught on film and quickly arrested.

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Police were unsure about Commelo’s motive as he was seemingly not involved in any kind of organized crime. It now appears that the gunman was obsessed with conspiracy theories and believed that Cali was an important member of the “deep state.”

It was originally reported that Commelo had targeted Cali because the mob boss did not want him dating his niece. It now appears that the actual motive was much stranger. He had initially attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on Cali. When Cali refused to cooperate, he pulled out his gun.

The alleged killer’s lawyers wrote to the court, “He ardently believed that Francesco Cali, a boss in the Gambino crime family, was a prominent member of the deep state, and, accordingly, an appropriate target for a citizen’s arrest. Mr. Comello became certain that he was enjoying the protection of President Trump himself, and that he had the president’s full support.”

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According to lawyers, Cali was not the only target that Commelo was planning on going after. They argue that he become obsessed with QAnon theories. According to the Huffington Post, he twice tried to perform a citizens arrest on New York City Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate, Bill de Blasio. He also had plans on detaining California lawmakers Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters.

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