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Lawyer for Giuliani: The FBI is Treating My Client Like a Terrorist

Lawyer for Giuliani: The FBI is Treating My Client Like a Terrorist

Rudy Giuliani first became nationally known as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. And over the next 30 years, he cultivated an image as a tough, strong leader. He eventually became one of the most popular Republicans in the country.

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But over the last 5 or 6 years, the former Mayor of New York has been torching that reputation. His recklessness has culminated in the FBI raiding his Manhattan apartment earlier this month.

On Monday, lawyers for Giuliani issued a statement addressing his treatment by the bureau. But in the note, the legal team seemed to be thinking of the 80’s and 90’s version of Giuliani rather than the 2010’s version.

Robert Costello wrote to the court, “[prosecutors] simply chose to treat a distinguished lawyer as if he was the head of a drug cartel or a terrorist, in order to create maximum prejudicial coverage of both Giuliani and his most well-known client – the former president of the United States.”

The letter continued, “Given the complexity of Mr. Giuliani’s personal and professional relationships and the related communications, it is a near-impossible task to accurately list all individuals with whom Mr. Giuliani had a privileged relationship or communications.”

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Costello ended his missive by claiming that the raid on Giuliani will lower confidence in the FBI. “The search of an attorney’s office should be done rarely and only under extraordinary circumstances. Otherwise, such high-profile and heavily publicized searches such as those of President Trump’s attorneys will just continue to erode and finally extinguish citizen reliance that communications for legal advice are really seriously protected.”


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