Lawrence O’Donnell: Biden’s New Cabinet Will Represent a “Restoration of Sanity”

In the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency, a number of cabinet members were hoped to be the “adults in the room.” People like John Kelly, James Mattis and H.R, McMaster were considered to be people who could prevent Trump from acting on his worst instincts.

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Those adults in the room, however, did not last long in Trump world. And as they departed, they were replaced with Trump loyalists who couldn’t be counted on to do the right thing. On Wednesday night, news broke that Ron Klain would serve as Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff. During his broadcast last night, Lawrence O’Donnell talked about Klain’s appointment represented a restoration of sanity in the White House.

The MSNBC host began, “The restoration of sanity is fully under way with the selection of Ron Klain as the next White House chief of staff. I suppose I should be more careful with the word ‘next.’ Because with 70 days left, Donald Trump still has time to fire his fourth White House chief of staff and perhaps a fifth and a sixth.”

O’Donnell continued, “It doesn’t mean he will be the best White House chief of staff we have ever seen. But it does mean that sanity is being restored to the White House because qualifications matter again.” He closed his comments, “There is no Ron Klain in the Trump administration. There are incompetent buffoons whose highest hope is that they make it to Dancing with the Stars like Sean Spicer did. There are corrupt profiteers like the president himself. And there are pathological liars like the president himself.”


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