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Lauren Witzke Caught Advocating Harassment Of Parents Of Trans Kids

Lauren Witzke Caught Advocating Harassment Of Parents Of Trans Kids

Lauren Witzke, who ran for U.S. Senate in 2020 to represent Deleware, is now hanging out on far-right social media giving advice. While she won’t be voting on any transgender rights Senate bills, she’s still found a way to keep up the attacks on trans kids.

[Screenshot via Lauren Witzke/YouTube]

It’s illegal to discriminate against transgender children seeking access to normal schoolday activities like entering a bathroom or playing on a sports teams, and even with Donald Trump’s appointees pushing the Supreme Court further right, SCOTUS still decided recently not to touch a ruling supporting trans rights in schools. (Here’s the ACLU‘s summary of that case; the very short version is that Grimm sued in 2015 when his school made him use the girls’ restrooms, won, and won in appeals cases — but SCOTUS was asked to review, and refused to do so this week — in effect cementing the lower court’s ruling that trans boys have the right to access boys’ restrooms.)

Enter Lauren Witzke. Patriot Takes caught her posting on Gab, suggesting that if trans kids can’t be kicked off sports teams, other parents should show up at sporting events to harass and attack the parents of transgender athletes.

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“As new laws go into effect soon, you may not be able to stop trans “girls” playing with your daughters.

BUT you can certainly take the opportunity to personally approach and shame the parents of the trans child for being a disgrace of a parent at every game.”

I am not an attorney nor do I play one on the internet, but I am a parent who has attended student and rec athletics, and I have to tell you this is probably a very effective method to get kicked out of games, or banned, if not reported for harassment.

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