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Lauren Boebert’s Dismissive Response To Latest Mass Shooting Is Unbelievable

Lauren Boebert’s Dismissive Response To Latest Mass Shooting Is Unbelievable

Representative Lauren Boebert has issued her public response to a mass shooting that left 8 people dead, and it’s about as dismissive and unempathetic as anyone could possibly imagine. While others called for action, or expressed condolences to the families, Boebert’s first thought was to defend her own political ideologies.

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Seeing conservatives respond to mass shootings by defending the guns rather than the living beings isn’t new. However, Boebert’s failure to even make a pretense of concern for human life really took the cake this time. “Mass shootings are illegal,” she tweeted.

This came shortly after reports of gunman in a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to the BBC, a gunman exited his vehicle and opened fire, killing at least 8 victims and injuring at least 7 more. He then reportedly took his own life before police arrived.

Boebert never offered any clarification explaining whether she was suggesting sentencing for the reportedly dead shooter, or whether this non-sequiter was merely one more defense against any regulations whatsoever regarding who can access weapons and how easily.

However, it’s clear that she had gun rights on her mind Friday morning, because less than an hour later she tweeted again to complain about a possible expansion of the Supreme Court, declaring that the only purpose for doing so would be to eliminate the Second Amendment.

It’s another strawman, since, as The Hill reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already said on Thursday that legislation proposed to expand the court by 4 seats won’t make it to a vote on the House floor.

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