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Lauren Boebert Undermines Her Apology For Racist ‘Joke’ About Ilhan Omar With A Single Click

Lauren Boebert Undermines Her Apology For Racist ‘Joke’ About Ilhan Omar With A Single Click

There are a lot of ways to make an apology seem insincere. Lauren Boebert is working her way through the list. To begin with, she tried the classic method of saying she’s sorry people were offended (instead of actually saying she’s sorry for her actions), and now she’s been caught using a Twitter ‘like’ to undermine any notion that she might have sincere regret for her behavior.

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As reported last week, Boebert was caught on camera making a racist joke about her fellow House Representative, Ilhan Omar. In what appeared to be a bad stand-up routine, she told a story about Capitol Police being concerned about Omar’s presence, with a ‘punch line’ about being relieved that the Democratic legislator, who is Muslim, didn’t have a backpack full of explosives.

Now Patriot Takes, the social media watchdog that keeps an eye on far-right accounts and makes sure the public is aware of their behavior, has caught Boebert in an act that undermines the half-hearted apology she issued after the video went viral, and it’s as simple as clicking the ‘like’ button.

Specifically, Boebert liked a tweet from Kurt Schlicter, who said that he doesn’t care that Boebert “was mean to” Omar, who he describes as “brother-curious, America-hating, jihadi-tolerating, [and a] commie ingrate,” invoking some of the same racist language Boebert uses for Omar.

What makes this particularly interesting is that the tweet was only posted a few short hours before Boebert issued her ‘apology’ — suggesting that she was either appreciating the racist echo of her sentiments a mighty short time before her apology, or even perhaps after (unfortunately Twitter does not show at what time a tweet was liked).

It isn’t giving a lot of weight to her purported remorse.

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