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Lauren Boebert Says Kyle Rittenhouse Has ‘Bigger Plans’ Than Being Congressional Intern

Lauren Boebert Says Kyle Rittenhouse Has ‘Bigger Plans’ Than Being Congressional Intern

Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) loves shooting off her mouth just as much, if not more, than shooting her guns. She also thrives on the attention she gets for being a MAGA Mean Girl whether it’s being dragged on Twitter or being praised by the higher-ups in the GQP. She’ll parlay her dubious achievement of making the worst comment of 2021 into more terrible appearances on internet shows hosted by Trump cronies.

Squeaky was super busy using Christmas as the backdrop for some hella projection language regarding the Capitol insurrection she almost definitely helped plan (allegedly, right, until she’s compelled to testify), maybe because she’s worried about what the January 6th Select Committee is going to find on her phone and text records.

Now she’s saying Kyle Rittenhouse has “bigger intentions” than becoming a congressional intern after he received offers by multiple GOP representatives in the aftermath of the Kenosha murder trial. Because that’s where we are as a country now.

Speaking to right-wing commentator Sebastian Gorka on his “America First” podcast, Boebert discussed meeting 18-year-old Rittenhouse at AmericaFest, a conference by conservative organization Turning Point USA. Rittenhouse was treated like a rock star at the event, which echoed the end of “The Stand” mixed with the WWF.

Boebert gushed to Gorka like a freshman girl who got invited to a senior party while managing to make an ableist comment. “Dr. Gorka, I have to tell you, the very first thing that he said was he saw our interview together talking about him interning in my office and how — remember I brought up that it was unfair, Madison Cawthorn wanted to challenge me to an arm-wrestling contest over Mr. Rittenhouse, and I said, ‘I’m not going up against those muscles, I will challenge you to a sprint.'”

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Cawthorn uses a wheelchair, Klannie Oakley, so that’s low even for you.

Buy ennyhoo, Rittenhouse himself has publicly confirmed he is not interested in taking politicians up on their internship offers, but it’s any distraction they can manufacture as they sweat out the January 6th House Select Committee subpoenas.


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