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Lauren Boebert Says Her Role In Congress Is To Get In The Way

Lauren Boebert Says Her Role In Congress Is To Get In The Way

Lauren Boebert has established herself as a professional troll in Congress, pulling silly tricks for attention, like opening up a metallic space blanket during President Joe Biden’s address to Congress, or hauling a cardboard cut-out of Kamala Harris to the border. In a new interview on far-right Newsmax, she boasts about these hijinks and says that she sees this as her job in government.

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It’s Boebert’s first term in Congress, and she seems to believe that she was elected not to represent the needs of her constituents, but to display their grievances. In this clip, she laughs proudly about some of the stunts she’s pulled to catch the public eye and keep herself in the middle of political discourse, instead of actually working to further legislation or help the American people.

“My job in the minority is to get in the Democrats way, and to expose what they’re doing, and then tell the American people how I’m getting in their way…I like to have a little fun with that.”

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After boasting about what the Newsmax host calls her “antics,” Boebert goes on to explain why she feels the need to engage in publicity stunts, claiming that it’s the Biden Administration that’s behaving “like a circus.”

She says that she left her Kamala Harris cutout on the border, criticizing the Vice President for not going there in person, although it’s not clear that Boebert’s own trip did anything to further either border security or humanitarian efforts for refugees and immigrants.

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