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Lauren Boebert Is Pointing Fingers At CNN For ‘Sexual Deviancy,’ So Let’s Discuss The Company She Keeps

Lauren Boebert Is Pointing Fingers At CNN For ‘Sexual Deviancy,’ So Let’s Discuss The Company She Keeps

When a high-level executive leaves his position at one of the leading media companies, people talk. However, some people should probably check their own backyards before they start pointing fingers. Lauren Boebert, for instance, was quick to level accusations of sexual deviancy — but does she realize who her colleagues and associates are?

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According to UPI, Jeff Zucker has stepped down as President of CNN, after the revelation of a consensual relationship with a co-worker. There are a lot of concerns with inter-office relationships, especially when they involve partners at different levels of an organization, and a lot of companies have firm rules against them.

But, “sexual deviancy?”

That might be taking it a bit far, especially coming from a woman with Boebert’s social and professional circle.

For example, as Salon reports, her husband, Jayson Boebert, did time after exposing his genitals to young women at a bowling alley, when he was 24 and his future wife, then Lauren Roberts, was 17 and present, though she claimed not to have witnessed the incident.

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Then, of course, there’s her House colleague Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who’s reportedly being investigated for child sex trafficking, and whose former classmates and colleagues tell a list of stories about him showing personal photos of his sexual conquests without consent, and engaging in a ‘game’ of trying to con certain female co-workers into sex.

Of course, never forget the top Republican Boebert has expressed endless support for — the former President, Donald Trump, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

So, does Lauren Boebert really want to get into a conversation about sexual deviancy, and what constitutes it?

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