Lauren Boebert is Not Happy About Joe Biden Campaigning in Her District

Lauren Boebert won he first election as a congressperson in 2020 by a safe 5 1/2 point margin. Then the people of Colorado's 3rd district got to know what she was all about. In 2022, Boebert barely won reelection in her Red district, eeking out a 554 vote victory. 

Democrats smell blood in the water and Joe Biden will be in the embattled lawmaker's district on Wednesday. The President will be touring a wind tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo. 

Boebert took to Twitter to complain about the visit, writing:

Joe Biden is taking a break from his lavish vacations to come to Pueblo to talk about what he calls 'clean energy. 

He should be coming here to apologize for his all out war on fossil fuels and his Green New Deal agenda which have cost the people of Colorado's 3rd District dearly. 

I have legislation that will create 1,000 new jobs in Pueblo. If Biden truly wanted to help out the community rather than come and pander, he'd work with me to get it signed into law."

President Biden doesn't need Boebert's help to create jobs in her district. The Inflation Reduction Act, one of Biden's signature acheivements, is expected to create 850 jobs in the area. A spokesperson for the President said he planned to counter, "how self-described MAGA Republicans like Representative Lauren Boebert are threatening those investments, jobs, and opportunities."