Lauren Boebert “Doesn’t Have A Legal Leg” As PAC Ponders Branding Toilet Paper With Her Business Logo

What can you do with a logo that’s already attached to someone else’s business? Well, it turns out that if they fail to renew the rights, and you purchase those rights, you can do just about anything with it. At least, that’s the theory one PAC is testing, after obtaining ownership of Representative Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) trademark.

[Photo credit: EMILY KASK/AFP via Getty Images]

The issue came up when comedy writer Toby Morton, who, among other projects, produces parody websites for various members of Congress, highlighting such activities and traits as corruption and sedition, was sent a letter ordering him to take down his Lauren Boebert site.

Alternet reports that one First Amendment attorney who has already weighed in, Steve Zansberg, says Boebert doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, for two major reasons, centering around copyright and parody laws, and their full analysis is here.

However, the next stage of this is that Morton’s tweeting about the legality of his parody site reminded someone else of another trademark issue connected to Boebert, and they decided to act on it.

A PAC called Rural Colorado United says they were poking around Boebert’s businesses earlier this month, looking for any evidence of use for money laundering, tax avoidance, or other illegal activity. What they found was that Boebert had failed to pay to renew the trademark for the logo attached to one of those businesses, Shooter’s Grill.

Well, RCU says their obvious response was to scoop up the trademark for themselves, and then they set to pondering what exactly would be a good use for it. They considered putting it on branded toilet paper, but ultimately forgot about it, until Boebert tried to take legal action over a parody site well within First Amendment rights.

Now, they say, rather than trying to find a good way to use the logo themselves, they’re going to auction it off, hoping that some brilliant mind will find an excellent use for it, and they’ll use the profits to continue fighting to flip their district and make a change.

The auction is here, with the minimum bid starting over $3k, and running for ten days.

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