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Lauren Boebert Could Be Out If Colorado’s Nonpartisan Redistricting Stands

Lauren Boebert Could Be Out If Colorado’s Nonpartisan Redistricting Stands

Pelosi warns of prosecution

Lauren Boebert (R-CO) will have some decisions to make if the maps currently being considered by a nonpartisan redistricting committee stand in her home state. As the map currently stands’ she’s been moved into a left-leaning district, where it’s unlikely she’d have a chance.

Pelosi warns of prosecution
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According to the Denver Post, the current proposed map creates four “relatively safe” Democratic districts, three “solidly Republican” ones, and one “swing” district, and is based off new census data.

The redistricting committee released the proposal on Twitter on Friday, to angry response.

However, it’s only an initial proposal, and the committee will hold a hearing Monday to take public comments.

Boebert, the Denver Post points out, does have options, even if the districting map stands as currently proposed. She can campaign to continue representing her current district from her new one — in the image above, her home in Garfield County has moved into the 2nd District. She currently represents Colorado’s 3rd District.

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She could also move to a home that’s still located in her district, or run in her new district.

However, Boebert won her 2020 election with just 51.39% of her district’s vote, as documented here by CPR. Any shift in the district’s population could affect the outcome if she runs again.

Add to that a Politico report from June suggesting that Colorado voters are expressing frustration with her efforts in Congress, with some swing voters saying she’s “more focused on her own celebrity than her constituents,” and even her local newspaper’s editorial staff publishing a declaration that the redistricting committee should do their part to remove her from office.

If this map sticks, they might have done exactly that.

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