Lauren Boebert Compares Immigrants To Dogs In Xenophobic Rant

Immigrants are not German Shepherds. That shouldn’t need to be stated, but new Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s Tuesday rant about Joe Biden and immigration suggests that perhaps at least one America needs to hear it.

Pelosi warns of prosecution
[Photo by JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images]

Joe Biden’s dogs are spending some time with his family in Delaware after reportedly being aggressive with security staff. Pouncing on this news, Representative Boebert complained that Biden was “deporting” his pets, but wouldn’t do the same to an illegal immigrant.

Unsurprisingly, Boebert missed a lot of key points, which Twitter users were quick to fill her in on. These include that it’s racist and xenophobic to compare immigrants to animals, that a stint in Deleware isn’t exactly deportation out of the country, and that she and her husband have also faced some of the same charges that an immigrant would, in fact, be deported for.

With regard to the charges, NY Post verifies that Boebert has been charged with disorderly conduct and has missed court appearances (a favorite right-wing accusation, ironically, is that immigrants don’t show up for court) and her husband has faced charges for domestic violence and public indecency.

Also ironically, another of Boebert’s own brushes with the law was over her two dogs behaving violently.

She’s also at the center of issues regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building, and testing the rules regarding carrying a weapon on the legislative floors.

As laid out by All Law, crimes that can result in deportation for an immigrant include domestic violence, firearms charges, terrorism, and sex crimes.

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