Lauren Boebert Claims She Turned Down an Endorsement from Nikki Haley [VIDEO]

Since she was first elected to Congress in 2020, Lauren Boebert has been a constant source of embarrassment for the Republican party. Things are bad enough that the Republican only won her Red district by a couple hundred votes in 2022. She recently left that district to run for office in an even redder area of Colorado. 

Boebert is the kind of candidate that any politician, Republican or Democrat, woud want to avoid being connected to. Still, the Colorado Rep. claims that Haley offered her a large donation and an endorsement that she turned down. 

The Colorado Rep. made the dubious claim during an appearance on Real America's Voice. She began, "Nikki Haley has come to my campaign in the past trying to offer support and even donations, which I declined."

Boebert continued her story, "Her staff was absolutely shocked that anyone would turn down a double-maxed-out check from her. But I didn't want Nikki Haley's support. And this was years ago before she had ever considered challenging President Trump."

The Colorado Rep. has been caught making up stories in the past. A few years ago she regularly regaled supporters with a racist story about people being afraid of Ilhan Omar after she got on an elevator with them. She later apologized for the comments.