Lauren Boebert Claims Immigrants Aren’t COVID Tested — It’s Another Lie

In a Thursday morning tweet, Lauren Boebert complained about COVID-19 testing requirements for access to certain spaces, and suggested it was totally unfair, since immigrants (she claims) don’t have to submit to COVID-19 testing. However, it’s not true.

[TOPSHOT – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) looks at her phone as US President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on April 28, 2021. Photo by CHIP SOMODEVILLA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

Boebert’s tweet expressed her gripe that masks and COVID-19 tests are required for access to the President of the United States (after the previous president became so sick with the virus that he landed in the hospital and had to be treated with transfusions of an experimental antibody cocktail), and went on to claim that immigrants don’t have to submit to the same.

Of course, the obvious problem is the false equivalency — an immigrant visiting the White House would be subject to the same rules as a Member of Congress or anyone else — but there’s also the simple fact that it’s a lie.

Fact Check confirmed in February that ICE protocols — the same ones in place while Trump was in office, and unchanged with Biden’s election — require detainees to be tested upon arrival and quarantined for two weeks.

The same piece also addresses asylum seekers who are waiting in Mexico to be processed — which includes testing.

Furthermore, PolitiFact cites Federal health officials, who say that children being held in emergency influx facilities must submit to testing every three days.

Boebert has really been stretching to somehow force a connection between the experience of an immigrant, and that of a U.S. Representative, even admitting in another tweet to deliberately being disruptive at President Biden’s address to Congress by spreading one of the metallic blankets provided to detainees.

“For those who complained about the sound of my Mylar blanket, imagine what this room sounds like,” she tweeted, following it up with an admission that the display was a ploy for attention.

Further photos show her with the blanket on her lap while she focuses on her cell phone.

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