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Lauren Boebert Can’t Attack Hunter Biden Without Her Arrest Record Being Brought Up

Lauren Boebert Can’t Attack Hunter Biden Without Her Arrest Record Being Brought Up

When Lauren Boebert lashes out at President Joe Biden with unsupported allegations of criminal activity, she can count on her own arrest record, and her husband’s, being brought out into the light of day again. In Sunday morning’s attack, the Colorado lawmaker actually accused the President of taking a 10% cut from ‘shady dealings’ she alleges by his son.

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Boebert’s morning cry for attention was successful in at least one sense: she got a lot of attention, and Twitter browsers got a lot of reminders that she has a rap sheet of her own.

Okay, quick reminder, as the NY Post reports, unlike Joe Biden, Boebert and her husband Jayson have a long history with arrests and charges, including when Jayson was arrested for showing his penis to women at a bowling ally and pled guilty to indecent exposure, and his domestic violence charge for a physical attack on Boebert herself the next month. A few months later, she racked up charges for underage drinking, criminal mischief, and assault, after another altercation with Jayson. (She married him the next year.) Then there’s disorderly conduct at a music festival, or her arrest for failing to appear for a traffic violation.

Well, Twitter never forgets:

There were also plenty of people ready to specifically call out the lie or demand evidence, and plenty to suggest that she’s projecting (again) and that ‘shady dealings’ is a term better applied to the former president than the current one.

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As usual, Boebert didn’t try to defend her false claims or otherwise interact — just flung unsupported allegations into the public discourse and ran. But she was offered some solid advice:

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