Lauren Boebert Burned On Twitter For Anti-Inclusive Star Wars Parody Attempt

Lauren Boebert is trying again, and again, she’s missed some key points regarding her target audience. She tweeted Saturday in an attempt to rally followers against inclusive and gender-neutral choices — but if she was trying to collect the Star Wars fan base, she messed up.

Lauren Boebert fails again, trying to make a point about inclusivity.
[Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

One universal fact about Star Wars is that the iconic line, in which Darth Vader says, “Luke, I am your father,” the line that is so oft-quoted, didn’t happen. In fact, he said “No, I am your father” — an infinitesimal distinction, perhaps, but serious business to some fans. Boebert tried to connect this to recent inclusiveness efforts, following the change of Mr. Potato Head to simply Potato`Head.

Lauren Boebert called out for messing with Star Wars and attacking inclusivity
[Screenshot via Lauren Boebert/Twitter]

Boebert tried to quote the Star Wars line, changing “father” to “parent” to suggest that Disney would update it to be gender-neutral — but she, like so many others, got the line wrong, and was descended upon. Fans of nondiscrimination were joined by Star Wars fans (and of course, the overlap between the two) to tell her that the whole idea was ridiculous — and mock her for failing to google the line before trying so hard to make a bad point.

Some also addressed other issued around Representative Boebert, such as the fact that she’s been accused of leading tour groups through the Capitol before the insurrection attempt, and more than one called on her to focus on legislation that would help her constituents, instead of on encouraging hate, division, and discrimination.

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