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Lauren Boebert Attacks Jimmy Kimmel — Says He’s A “Racist Creep With Mommy Issues”

Lauren Boebert Attacks Jimmy Kimmel — Says He’s A “Racist Creep With Mommy Issues”

Lauren Boebert seems to be sick of Jimmy Kimmel making fun of her on his late-night talk show, where he addresses the news of the day with comedy and mockery. Boebert has come up more than once on the show for her Congressional antics, and the barbs the two exchange has been escalating.

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Over the past week, Boebert has called Kimmel a “sexist pig,” and Kimmel has responded, PrimeTimer reports, by devoting a segment to her. In it, he declares her video messages to be “dumber than stepmother porn,” and then demonstrates his point by asking people on the street to view the videos, testing whether the average viewer can tell if they’re viewing real clips or part of a Saturday Night Live! performance.

Now Boebert has fired back again, and she was forced to dig all the way back into the 1990s to find a new avenue of attack against the talk show host. She dug up a series of performances from the ’90s, in which he impersonated Black celebrities, combining it with his references to “stepmother porn” to declare him a “racist with mommy issues.”

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It’s unlikely that Kimmel will be caught off-guard by the reference to his old performances though — in 2020, he openly acknowledged that the portrayals were inappropriate, apologized both for appearing in blackface and for delaying so long in addressing it, and said that he has “evolved and matured” in the 20+ years since those performances.. CNN reports that he said he would not allow his own past misdeeds to be used to silence him about current racial injustice, and that he felt sure they’d be brought up again.

“I won’t be bullied into silence by those who feign outrage to advance their oppressive and genuinely racist agendas.”

You can see the Kimmel clip that set Boebert off below, including the bits from her own videos that Kimmel says look more like satire than serious political discourse.

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