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Laura Loomer, Suffering “Bad Case Of COVID” Is Still Anti-Vax — And Ready To Sue If Anyone Says Otherwise

Laura Loomer, Suffering “Bad Case Of COVID” Is Still Anti-Vax — And Ready To Sue If Anyone Says Otherwise

Laura Loomer is not in favor of COVID-19 vaccines. She wants to be sure that this is very clear, even after she contracted the virus, which has filled hospitals and killed more than one in every 500 Americans at this point. In fact, when a headline appeared suggesting otherwise, she promised a lawsuit.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 19: Political activist Laura Loomer stands across from the Women’s March 2019 in New York City on January 19, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

The facts in the Daily Mail report follow Loomer’s own social media messages. The report mentions that she previously said she hoped to get the virus so she could prove it was no worse than the result of bad burritos, that she’s described fairly severe symptoms but still able to convalesce at home, and that she says she’s taking Regeneron, Azithromycin, and Hydroxychloroquine, and plans to take Ivermectin.

The article also mentions these two tweets, in which Meidas Touch shared screenshots of Loomer’s posts and encourages the public to get vaccinated.

Unfortunately, the headline of the Daily Mail piece conflates the two sets of posts — appearing to credit Loomer for the encouragement to get vaccinated. So did the tweet of the same story.

[Screenshot via Daily Mail/Twitter]

Loomer is not happy about it.

In the screenshots below, see her series of posts responding, demanding a retraction, and threatening legal action.

[Screenshots via Laura Loomer/Telegram]

She throws in some more anti-vax propaganda, claiming that the vaccines and masks are making people sick and that encouraging these precautions is “very reckless.

People are dying from these vaccines and getting all types of illnesses from wearing masks. It’s very reckless of the Daily Mail to plaster on their home page that I’m “encouraging people to take the vaccine and wear masks”.

She has previously claimed on her Telegram channel that people who had been vaccinated were getting much sicker than those who were not. She also revisited the conspiracy theories that vaccines are somehow used to ‘track’ recipients.

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Many of the people inside the facility who were getting Regeneron yesterday had already taken the COVID vaccine, and they were getting Regeneron because they got COVID, and their symptoms were more severe because they took the vaccine. One of those people even told me they now regret taking the vaccine.

These COVID vaccines are poison to your body and a control mechanism for the federal government to track and surveil you.

Facts do not support these claims — on the whole, breakthrough cases are relatively rare, and medical professionals are reporting that the majority of cases they’re seeing in hospitals and ICUs are among the unvaccinated.

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