Laura Loomer Dumped By GOP-Favored Payment Processor

“Stripe was my last resort,” Laura Loomer complained. “I’ve been banned pretty much everywhere else.” Unfortunately for the Congressional hopeful, the payment processor has now banned her too, as a “high-level risk.”

[Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images]

Loomer, who’s running to represent Florida’s 21st Congressional district in the U.S. House in 2022, complained in multiple posts on her Telegram channel, where she’s now relegated since being banned from major social media sites.

Just got back to my hotel room in Tallahassee after giving a speech about big tech censorship…only to find out I’ve been BANNED from Stripe, the payment processor.

She further claimed that this was retaliation for suggesting that Florida should pass a law punishing payment processors for banning users from their services, and declared Stripe “tech tyrants” and “a bunch of Nazis” for banning her during Passover.

[Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Telegram]

Both her Telegram and her Loomered site carried copies of the notice she recieved, in which Stripe explains, and invites her to appeal if she thinks they’ve made a mistake, or if she’s removed the content that violates their rules.

I’m writing to let you know that we are no longer able to accept payments for The Loomer Project after 2021-04-12. After a recent review of your website and account information, we’ve found that your business presents a higher level of risk than we’re able to work with. Specifically, your business is in violation of our Stripe Services Agreement, section A.7.b (Restricted Businesses and Activities”).

[Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Telegram]

“At least there’s Bitcoin!” Loomer rallied, posting links for donations by digital currency.

Loomer is among the long list of right-wing figures who have earned themselves a ban from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, as well as payment processors, web hosts, and other businesses, through repeated and persistent disinformation and/or hate speech.

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