Laura Ingraham’s Brother Questions Her Motherly Duties To Defend Her Children

Curtis Ingraham, the older brother of Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, sent a tweet on Monday morning disparaging his sister for supporting the administration of President Donald Trump, specifically admonishing the president in this instance for his anti-conservation policies.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Quote-tweeting a tweet he had made beforehand, Curtis Ingraham had tagged his sister in the social media posting, asking her directly, “why are you not standing up and speaking out for the future world your three immigrant children will inhabit? Is that not something a mother would do?”

The tweet Curtis Ingraham had quoted included a link to an article from the Guardian. That article cited scientists from around the country who had expressed serious concern over the administration’s efforts to curtail conservation efforts, including curbing programs dedicated to staving off climate change, preventing flooding, and lessening species extinction.

Rep. Betty McCollum, the Democratic Chairwoman of the House Interior-Environment Appropriations subcommittee in Congress, was quoted in the article that Curtis Ingraham had shared.

“Congress approved $12.5 million for the existing 22 landscape conservation cooperatives,” McCollum said. “[But] we are hearing disturbing reports from outside groups and concerned citizens that the LCC program is being altered [by the Trump administration] and may not receive any federal funding.”

Curtis Ingraham has been critical of his younger sister in the past. While discussing Laura’s behavior in the past, Curtis suggested she sometimes acted out due in part to “never having been loved.”

He also said that was part of the reason why she likely adopted her children in the first place. “I think there is this great search on my sister’s part to find love. I think that’s one of the reasons why she actually adopted [her] three children — was to fill her life which was void of love,” he said during an episode of the KrassenCast at HillReporter.com.

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