Laura Ingraham Prepares Trump Nation for Defeat

Laura Ingraham played a different angle Friday night when she appeared to be preparing Trump nation — and maybe Donald Trump himself — for the prospect of the president not winning reelection.

She tried to comfort her viewers, which likely include Trump, by saying that the possibility of losing a hotly disputed election is a “gut punch” to those involved and those supporting the incumbent.

“I know how much so many of you might be hurting about the way this election’s played out,” she said, adding, “If there is no path for Donald Trump’s second term, it doesn’t mean the end of the America First movement or his role in leading it. On the contrary, this is only the beginning. For now it’s time to take our gains, learn from our defeats and confidently expand one of the greatest political movements in the past 100 years.

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[Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images]
“If it’s time to accept an unfavorable outcome — and we hope it never comes — but if and when this does happen, Trump needs to do it with the same grace and composure he demonstrated at that [Oct. 15] town hall with [NBC’s] Savannah Guthrie,” she said.

Ingraham added “we don’t have time to bury our heads in crying towels” and exhorted viewers to turn their attention to the upcoming Georgia runoff elections for that state’s two senate seats. She also went on to predict that even if Trump loses the election he will continue to be a force in Republican politics.

“I’m not conceding anything tonight, by the way,” she said, “but losing, if that’s what happens, is awful. President Trump’s legacy will only become more significant if he focuses on moving the country forward. Then the love and respect supporters feel for him, it’s only going to grow stronger and his legacy more historically significant.”

“The media knows he will be a GOP kingmaker for 2022 and 2024, no doubt. They know he’s a political hero to tens of millions of Americans, and they want to take that from him, too,” she continued.

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