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Laura Ingraham: New Debate Rules Are There to “Muzzle Trump”

Laura Ingraham: New Debate Rules Are There to “Muzzle Trump”

For decades, there has been a sense of decorum to presidential debates. Sure, there are sometimes interruptions, but overall, the events are there to educate the public about policy issues. Donald Trump has turned this decorum on it’s head. He talks very little about policy, interrupts non-stop and attacks his opponents personally.

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So after Tuesday’s debacle, the debate commission announced there would be new rules aimed at a “more orderly discussion.” Those in Trump world see this as an attack on the incumbent. During Wednesday night’s broadcast, Laura Ingraham claimed that that was an effort to muzzle Trump.

The Fox News host made the comments while speaking with contributor Mollie Hemingway. Ingraham asked her guest, “Mollie, I just talk about the Democrats as the party who want less freedom, and now we’re seeing the debate commission wants less speech. This is about muzzling Trump, is it not?”

Hemingway responded:

“Well, it is and — and these kinds of changes wouldn’t be happening if people thought that Joe Biden was effective last night or if they thought that Donald Trump hadn’t pummeled Joe Biden, which he did. But it is important that people be allowed to speak and it’s particularly the case for Donald Trump. Many people in the media have decided to kind of help Joe Biden along. One of the only times that Donald Trump can press the issues that he thinks that Joe Biden is weak on is in those debates.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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