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Laura Ingraham Lusts Over ‘Manly Men’ Like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson

Laura Ingraham Lusts Over ‘Manly Men’ Like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson

Over the last year or so, the anchors on Fox News have been particularly obsessed with cancel culture. But there are, of course, other topics the anchors obsess over.

PASADENA, CA – APRIL 17: Comedian Joe Rogan performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club on April 17, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)

One of these is a rejection of the idea of toxic masculinity. There are countless examples of toxic masculinity in the Conservative world and the perfect example of such was probably the 1/6 insurrection.

Laura Ingraham, though, doesn’t think there’s any such thing. The Fox anchor complained last night about the feminization of society and claimed that what women really wanted was ‘manly men’ like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

The Conservative pundit began, “More people now see right through the attempt that they’re making to kind of wrap their attacks on tradition gender roles around an anti-bullying campaign. Well, that’s absurd, because real men do not bully. We know that. Real men don’t beat their wives. We know that. Real men don’t hurt animals or children. We know that. All decent people agree on that.”

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Ingraham then claimed, “Women want men to be men,” Ingraham declared. “All the pajama boy fans are shocked that young men are flocking to non-effeminate men like Jordan Peterson… and they’re especially furious that millions are tuning in to listen to manly men like Joe Rogan.”


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