Laura Ingraham Has Debate Advice For Donald Trump (He's Not Gonna Follow It)

One of the more amusing things that Conservative newspeople do is give Donald Trump advice as if he were capable of taking it. The 45th President is nearly always unhinged and will say almost anything if he doesn't have a teleprompter. 

Trump will be taking on Joe Biden in a debate this week and Republican media is very concerned that he is not going to have a good showing. So Laura Ingraham advised Trump on how he could be seen as the event's winner. 

The host began:

"I could see [Jake] Tapper maybe asking Trump something like, sir, as a convicted felon, there is a possibility that you may be sentenced to prison and face multiple other cases down the road. How does that make you fit for the presidency, sir? Well, know that this type of question is going to be asked and do one thing, well, don't get Trump to, you know, try to get Trump to lose his cool. That's why that question is being asked. Again, Trump doesn't need to take the bait."

Ingraham continued

"Now, on their convicted felon point, I'd simply say well, Jake, most people see these cases as driven by politics, and they know that had I decided not to run for office again, none of them would have been brought. But setting that aside, we believe we have a strong appeal in the New York case and we expect to win that appeal. And most Americans, Jake, have no time to follow the minute details of these cases."