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Laura Ingraham Gaslights Audience About Immigration and COVID-19

Laura Ingraham Gaslights Audience About Immigration and COVID-19

Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday rant about the Democratic Party’s approach to immigration reform was a brazen attempt to gaslight her audience into believing that the last four years of racist cruelty under ex-President Donald Trump never really happened.

The hypocrisy is mind-bending.

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“Democrats need to keep this crisis under wraps for as long as possible because they know if the real truth gets out about this situation, their amnesty bill is sunk,” Ingraham proclaimed on The Ingraham Angle.

What she said next, however, was even more remarkable.

Ingraham suggested that progressives want to eliminate white people and that they are responsible for flooding American labor markets with undocumented workers, instead of, say, greedy megacorporations who value short-term profits over human life.

“What’s happening is a purposeful repopulation of America and the exploitation of migrants for cheap labor,” the right-wing commentator seethed.

“As for ordinary citizens of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and colors just trying to make a decent life for themselves, and maybe make a decent living, well you are out of luck,” Ingraham continued, seemingly contradicting her previous statement.

“Can you imagine these poor kids in border shelters being thrown into Zoom classes in some school district in the United States where their sponsor lives?” Ingraham asked rhetorically and unironically. Recall that it was the Trump Administration that separated migrant families, crammed them into concentration camps, and left them for dead as the pandemic spread.

“Online learning is awful in the best of situations,” she added.

At the very least, she admitted that Fox News thinks learning is bad, aligning herself with the network’s reputation for spreading demonstrable falsehoods.

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Ingraham concluded the segment by accusing Democrats of perpetuating lies about COVID-19.

But last July, a study conducted by Media Matters for America found that Ingraham was the biggest proponent of coronavirus disinformation in the country, having “pushed coronavirus misinformation 38 times, which included 21 instances of undermining and misrepresenting the science on the coronavirus and 13 instances of politicizing the response to the pandemic.”

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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