Laura Ingraham: Democrats Want YOU to be Replaced With Immigrants

Joe Biden has now been in office for nearly two months. It’s going quite well. An average of 2 million Americans are now being vaccinated each day. It is likely that the senate will soon pass a bill that brings financial relief to millions more.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

And with Biden succeeding in office, the hosts of Fox News will do anything to change the subject. The most common distraction point seems to be immigration. During her Friday night show, Laura Ingraham told viewers that Democrats want to replace “you” with immigrants.

The bombastic pundit began, “From the moment Donald Trump took office, you know, he was cast by the left as a dictator with sinister plans for the country.”

The Fox host then began to cast aspersions on Democratic goals in regards to COVID relief. “Again, it’s not about COVID,” she said. “If it was, they would want our border closed down.”

Ingraham continued:

Because they need you silenced, ostracized, demoralized, as they import new voters to offset and eventually replace all you — you old people, you traditionalists, all of you guys who know your history still. They want you replaced and they want cheap labor. And so far, things are going according to plan.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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