Laura Ingraham Calls Democrats’ Subpoena Of Mueller Report ‘Fraud’

The House Judiciary Committee, led by chairman Jerry Nadler (D-New York), voted along partisan lines Wednesday to subpoena the Russia investigation report submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller to Attorney General William Barr last month.

Not everyone is happy with the decision, however. Fox News host Laura Ingraham, for example, is describing the move as a fraudulent, partisan attempt to continue going after President Donald Trump, Mediaite reported.

“Today, the Democrats engaged in a bit of theater in a desperate effort to keep the Russian collusion drama going,” Ingraham ranted on her program on Wednesday night. “Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, along party lines, voted to subpoena the entire unredacted Mueller report, and all supporting evidence from the Department of Justice.”

Ingraham was adamant in her belief that the decision to subpoena the report went beyond the pale, even going so far as to label the discussion of subpoenaing the document as inappropriate.

“Now understand this, with this move, Nadler is — well, the committee, again, party line vote — is actually committing a fraud,” she added. “It’s a fraud if ultimately filed at the Justice Department, on the Justice Department. And just the discussion of it, it’s a fraud on the American people.”

Ingraham suggested that “any judge considering this should sanction any lawyer who signs his name on this request for a subpoena.” But her views don’t match what the American public wants Democrats to do, nor their views of the actions of the attorney general.

The four-page letter to Congress that Barr sent last month summarizing Mueller’s findings weren’t satisfactory to most, according to recent polling from the Washington Post/Schar school.

That poll, which was conducted just after Barr published his letter, found that 83 percent of Americans wanted the Mueller report made public. Only 28 percent believed the Barr letter was enough for them, the poll also concluded.

On the issue of whether Democrats should continue their own investigations or not, the public was split. Forty-nine percent favored them doing so, with 48 percent saying they should stop their work.

A separate CNN/SSRS poll found broader support for Democrats in Congress taking action regarding the Russia investigation, further contradicting Ingraham’s claims that Democrats’ investigations were a “fraud on the American people”. Fifty-seven percent said they want Congress to hold formal hearings and continue their inquiries into the matter, while 43 percent want the investigations to end.

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