Laura Ingraham: American Schools Are Demonizing All Students Who Are “Non-Minority”

Republicans have been very focused on schools over the last few months. Conservative media has demanded that all schools open in the midst of a global pandemic. Betsy DeVos called the closing of some schools for safety reasons, “tragic.”

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

And one those students are in school, Conservatives are worried about the lessons being taught. Laura Ingraham is particularly troubled that some youngsters may be learning about diversity. During her Thursday night program, the Fox host said that non-minority students in schools are being demonized.

Ingraham was particularly incensed about a project where students traced back their racial backgrounds. She told her viewers, “Well, I also think it’s racist. I’m going to say it. I think they are racially dividing America at a time where our country is going through difficult times with the pandemic and our economy, obviously the upheaval politically.”

The Fox News host continued:

“But I think it’s racist. They’re — they’re demonizing all people who are non-minority and throwing them all into some big pot of intolerance. And then, all these kids are like, ‘What? I just want to go play kickball.’ It’s — it’s just bad, it’s — it’s bad teaching, it’s vindictive, and it’s propagandistic. So, you’re right, Chairman Mao would be thrilled.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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