Laura Ingraham Accuses Liberals of Wanting to Steal Children

Fox News noisemaker Laura Ingraham claimed on Thursday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle that liberals are gearing up to steal people’s kids and “indoctrinate” them into a culture of hate and “anti-American” sentiment.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Here is what she said in a frenetic rant filled with right-wing buzz words:

But first, hide your kids. That is the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle.’ Now, it’s often said that the children are our future, and of course, that’s exactly why the left wants to take them from parents who don’t buy into their twisted agenda. Everywhere you look, in a myriad of ways, forces are working overtime to undermine parental rights and their Judeo-Christian values, from teachers unions to gender activists to Biden’s vaccine pushers, we’re seeing a concerted effort backed by some of the biggest financial interests out there to indoctrinate our children into a dark mindset of anti-Americanism. Now, this new normal requires the undermining of American history. It involves teaching concepts directly at odds with the ideal of a nuclear family.

Ingraham, whose reputation is peppered – no, fully seasoned with racism and bigotry – is promulgating toxic propaganda designed to perpetuate her obtuse brand of white supremacy. The problem for Ingraham and her confederates such as Tucker Carlson is that this country’s history is quite dark, however, they act as if they are personally being blamed for it. Instead of encouraging historical enlightenment for a brighter future, Ingraham and her ilk flex their power to maintain white superiority.

But sure, the left is coming for your kids – as soon as they finish taking away your guns.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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