Las Vegas Mayor Still Wants to Open, Says Extreme Heat Will Protect City

As the American city that is, perhaps, more reliant on tourism than any other, Las Vegas has been hit hard by COVID-19. Earlier this week, the city’s mayor Carolyn Goodman spoke with Anderson Cooper about her plan to have city’s famous strip reopen.

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The interview did not go well, as Goodman seemed to be flippant about the health risks associated with reopening. The Mayor, though, was not deterred by the huge amount of bad press after clips of her appearance went viral. In a letter Goodman published today about her hopes to reopen, she argued that the Las Vegas heat would keep everyone safe.

The Mayor began, “I believe that all of America loves Las Vegas and wants very much to see her survive. It therefore, behooves me to explain to Americans from the other forty-nine states just how perilous and unique our situation is if our hospitality industry doesn’t reopen soon. The Las Vegas the world knows and loves simply won’t survive.”

Goodman then attempted to explain how Nevada’s climate makes this a reasonable idea:

“Although, it has not been clearly determined as to the effect extreme warmth will have on the virus, it is assumed that it should deter its ferocity,” she tweeted. “We are certainly looking forward to having our desert heat provide that required substantiation. Our hot summer combined with our unique economy compel us to be at the forefront of America’s reopening.”

You can read Goodman’s letter in its entirety here.

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