Larry Kudlow: Trump Needs to Be Allowed Back on Twitter So He Can Tell People to Get Vaccines

Donald Trump has been treating vaccines in an odd way. He, of course, wants complete and total credit for the development of the COVID vaccine. On the other hand, he hasn’t tried all that hard to get his supporters to get their inoculations.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The former president is also very upset about his bans from Twitter and Facebook. He was banned from the two services after constant violations of their terms and services. Fox host Larry Kudlow has to be let back on to the social media services so he can encourage people to get vaccinated.

The former Trump official made the comments while speaking with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He opined, “I think President Biden should go to President Trump and ask him to help. President Trump has been out there unambiguously, ‘Get the vaccine.’ And that’s gonna help solve this temporary, I hope, Delta strain. Furthermore, Sarah, I think that these media tech companies like Twitter and Facebook should put his account back in operation so he can appeal to the entire country to get the vaccination, and literally the rest of the world because everybody focuses on him. Now’s the time to do it.”

Sanders weighed in, “I think one of the things that frankly, President Biden and Vice President Harris can do to encourage people is, frankly, admit they were wrong when they cast doubt on Operation Warp Speed at the very beginning. Give the president and his team and his administration credit for producing and helping carry through a safe and effective vaccine. I think that could make a big difference, and I’d love to see them take that step and encourage people across the country in that way. I think that’s one of the more fruitful things that could take place.”


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