Lara Trump: Green Day Aren't True Punk Rockers [VIDEO]

The band Green Day was invited to play at Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve this year. They enraged Conservatives by knocking the MAGA agenda. 

Lara Trump, who records Tom Petty covers despite criticism from the artist's family, is not happy about the band's performance. The former President's daughter-in-law recently complained about the band. 

She told her audience, "he was singing the song American Idiot, and couldn't help himself, had to get woke, had to get anti-Trump. He changed the lyrics from 'I'm not apart of the redneck agenda' to, 'I'm not part of the MAGA agenda.' This is not punk rock. These people are so controlled by the mainstream. They are so controlled by the corporate cult agenda."

She continued, "Do you guys remember, I think it was Neil Young, Keep on Rocking in the Free World. Do you remember when Neil Young, it was like two years ago, got so upset? It was Joe Rogan, who was posted on Spotify, it was one of his platforms, was talking about the COVID vaccine, and he gave his opinion on things, he gave his thoughts on things. And Neil Young decided he was so against his freedom of speech, he said, I'm going to pull my music from Spotify."

It is important to note that American Idiot didn't all of a sudden become a 'woke' song. The song was written in 2004 to criticize Americans who blindly supported George W. Bush's actions in Iraq. So apparently, the song was 'woke' back then as well.