Lanny Davis: Michael Cohen to Tell America ‘Chilling’ Stories About Trump

In a highly anticipated congressional testimony, former Trump attorney and ‘fixer,’ Michael Cohen is prepared to “tell his personal story to the American people,” according to his attorney, Lanny Davis.

Source: Flickr

During an interview on a new podcast called “The Investigation,” Davis elaborated on what Cohen had to offer Congress.

“You’re going to hear personal, front-line experiences of memories, and incidents, and conduct, and comments that Donald Trump said over that 10-year time period behind closed doors that, to me when I first heard Michael tell me all this, even as much as I knew about Trump that was negative, was chilling.”

Michael Cohen is scheduled to appear before both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees behind closed doors, and before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during a public session prior to reporting to prison on March 6th.

Since Cohen will be under oath in all three hearings, what he says will make an impact. Besides the obvious possibilities of Cohen testifying to illegal activity conducted by his former boss, Cohen may be asked key questions about Mr. Trump’s racist tendencies. Back in November he told Vanity Fair that Trump had questioned the intelligence of black people, saying that black leaders can only run “sh–hole” cities and countries and called a former Apprentice contestant a “black f-g.”

Whether these topics come up during any of the hearing is yet to be seen, but they certainly could paint quite a negative picture of the president, when declared under oath.

The first hearing will be on February 28th before the House Intelligence Committee.

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