Landlord Suing Mets Pitcher Who Didn’t Pay $27,000 Rent

Noah Syndergaard, who pitches for the Mets, is being sued by his landlord for allegedly failing to pay his $27,000 a month apartment rent. The lawsuit was first reported by the New York  Post. The luxury apartment is located in the Tribeca area of New York.

In the lawsuit, the landlord says Syndergaard signed a lease for eight months for the three-bedroom, 2,700 square foot duplex. The apartment is located at 116 Hudson St.  The lawsuit claims that The Mets player never moved into the property and never paid any rent. Syndergaard’s lease began on  March 20.

The landlord claims in the lawsuit that Syndergaard “treated the binding Lease like an option.  Syndergaard signed the lease and then he “decided not to take possession of the Leased premises, Syndergaard repudiated and abandoned his obligations under the Lease, refusing to take possession of the Leased Premises, and declining to make any of the required payments.”

The lease was signed before the coronavirus pandemic took effect.  Once the seriousness of the virus was realized the MLB season was officially suspended on March 12. Syndergaard decided to have Tommy John’s surgery just four days prior to when his lease was to begin which ended his season.  The surgery seriously affected his original summer plans and after missing the first payment on the apartment he allegedly received a letter from the landlord. The letter was sent on April 17 and told Syndergaard that he had defaulted on his lease.

Noah Snydergaard
Photo by NY Post

The pitcher’s lawyer responded by telling the landlord that he could rent the apartment to someone else because Syndergaard had  “no intentions” of living at the property.   Syndergaard fired back at the landlord in a fiery tweet. He said on Saturday, “So let me get this straight.” I fairly, and in good faith offered to pay two months’ rent (over 50K) to. a landlord for a place I was never going to step foot in due to a global pandemic that took a severe toll upon the residents of NYC, gave timely notice to attempt to try and re-rent, while getting [Tommy John surgery] and now living in Florida for rehab, and the landlord tries to extort me for 250K while leaking this story to the media, and I’m the bad guy? Yeah, OK. See you in court pal.”

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