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Lame Duck Trump Will Likely See A Political ‘Enemy’ Named Person Of The Year

Lame Duck Trump Will Likely See A Political ‘Enemy’ Named Person Of The Year

Donald Trump will see insult added to injury as Time names Fauci or AAOC Person of the Year

Adding one more insult to a year of political injuries for Donald Trump, while he struggles through the humiliation of being a lame duck who can’t admit he lost, it looks as though Time magazine will name, as Person of the Year, one of the people he has opposed all year.

Donald Trump will see insult added to injury as Time names Fauci or AOC Person of the Year
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Donald Trump has been obsessed with Time‘s Person of the Year designation for quite a while. As early as 2013, he was tweeting complaints about not being picked, and quoting others as tweeting that he should have been the choice. Even in 2011, he complained about Occupy Wall Street protestors being chosen. Below are tweets from 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015, all making this complaint.





It should be understood, here, that the president seems to misunderstand the title. It isn’t necessarily an honor, and designates someone who has had a significant effect on society, whether good or bad. Their choices have included Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Richard Nixon.

In 2016, Trump finally got his turn. However, true to form, it wasn’t a glowing worship piece. Instead, Time described hate crimes carried out in Trump’s name, a dearth of actual plans and details in his “sales pitch,” and his courting of Vladimir Putin.

The next year, Trump tweeted to claim Time had considered him for Person of the Year and he’d turned them down.


But, as the Guardian reported, Time responded to say that was false. Still, they named him as runner-up, and did so again in 2018, when they credited the president for firing up resistance against him.

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This year, Donald Trump’s influence on the world is coming to an end, and he probably won’t be happy with the selection. According to the New York Post, nominees include Dr. Anthony Fauci, with whom Trump has clashed on COVID-19 safety protocols, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who Trump has attacked over coronavirus restrictions, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who Trump has squabbled with over…well, a lot of things.




If any of the above is named Person of the Year, it will be one more blow to Donald Trump’s ego as he faces exiting the White House.

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