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Lamar Alexander Warns Trump That Not All Republicans Support Emergency Declaration

Lamar Alexander Warns Trump That Not All Republicans Support Emergency Declaration

Republican Senators and Congresspeople live in fear of opposing Donald Trump and losing the support of their constituents. Even if they feel he is in the wrong, saying so could end their political careers.


Retiring Tennessee Senator, Lamar Alexander (R), does not have the same worries as those running for reelection. During a Thursday floor speech, he spoke out against Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency. He warned Trump that this proposed plan could cause Republicans to oppose him.

While Alexander supports improvements along the border wall, he does not care for the way the president is going about getting them. He told reporters, “He’s got sufficient funding without a national emergency, he can build a wall and avoid a dangerous precedent.”

Alexander believes that Trump could come up with the proposed $5.7 billion by pulling the money from other programs. He encouraged the president to do that, “That would change the voting situation if he we were to agree to do that.”

Three Republicans Senators, Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Thom Tillis (NC) oppose Trump’s declaration. Murkowski is a moderate Republican who has shown a willingness to vote against Trump. Collins and Tillis will be facing difficult reelection campaigns in 2020.

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Collins said, “The question before us is not whether to support or oppose the wall. It is not whether to support or oppose President Trump. Rather, it is this: do we want the executive branch, now or in the future, to hold the power that the founders deliberately entrusted to Congress?”

The House will be voting whether or not to cancel Trump’s declaration in the upcoming weeks.

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