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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother, Lawyer, Turn To Alex Jones, InfoWars, To Claim Victimhood For Accused Shooter

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother, Lawyer, Turn To Alex Jones, InfoWars, To Claim Victimhood For Accused Shooter

Alex Jones announced Wednesday that he was hosting Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother on his online show.

[Screenshot via Alex Jones/InfoWars]

“They’re coming after Kyle Rittenhouse now and they’re gonna come after you next,” warns John Pierce, attorney to Kyle Rittenhouse, as he and Kyle’s mom, Wendy Rittenhouse, joining Alex Jones via Skype. “If this is not self-defense for Kyle Rittenhouse, there is no right to self-defense.”

Jones described as ‘persecution’ the refusal of online marketplaces to host Kyle’s merch. Washington Post has described these items as being emblazoned with the ‘Free Kyle’ logo, and “Self-defense is a right, not a privilege,” a quote attributed to the underaged shooter.

The Chicago Tribune reported, however, that Printify dropped Kyle’s merchandise, saying their policies forbid items that condone or promote violence.

Alex Jones, now relegated to Parler, is limited in his ability to spread conspiracy theories and right-wing propaganda through other social media sites, but the Twitter account Parler Takes keeps an eye on some of the more controversial accounts on the last-chance social media site, to make sure highlights aren’t missed by the rest of the internet.

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During their video appearance, Pierce calls for viewers to visit Rittenhouse’s current fundraising site, and Rittenhouse’s mother declares that “the left is disgusting” for calling her son a killer and a murderer, and says “they need to be stopped.”

[Screenshot via Parler/Alex Jones]

Throwing out another plug for her Free Kyle merch, Wendy Rittenhouse says, “We sell merchandise from t-shirts to mugs, I don’t want to say it, bikinis, yes. And a lot of people are disgusted by it, but you know what? I don’t care.”

During the visit, Jones asked about a video message from Kyle Rittenhouse, and John Pierce explained the potential legal repercussions from such a release, but Jones still closed his episode by promising to have Rittenhouse on as soon as possible.

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