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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Former Attorney Wants To “Get The Gang Back Together” On Tucker Carlson Show

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Former Attorney Wants To “Get The Gang Back Together” On Tucker Carlson Show

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney

Kyle Rittenhouse has not exactly been complimentary of a couple of attorneys that he fired early in his case, while he awated trial on murder charges for the deaths of two individuals at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse ended up being found not guilty by the jury, but as he’s made the rounds of conservative talk shows since the verdict, he’s talked not only about his plea of self-defense, but some of the scandals that popped up throughout his case.

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

In particular, he’s had a fair bit to say about two attorneys, Lin Wood and John Pierce, who were connected to his case early on, and involved with raising funds for his bail and defense. For one thing, he blames Pierce for a photo op with him beside members of the Proud Boys extremist group, and he’s even floated the idea of lawsuits against the two.

Lin Wood responded to this recently with a diatribe blaming the “Deep State,” and now in a series of tweets, John Pierce has also weighed in.

He suggested Friday night that Rittenhouse should waive attorney-client privilege so that he, Pierce, could tell his side of the story, and that the pair, as well as Lin Wood and any attorney Rittenhouse prefers, could appear together on Carlson’s show to hash it out.

He pressed further, saying that someone may be paying Kyle to say negative things about his fired attorneys, and demanding to know how he can be accused of setting up the Proud Boys association when he was elsewhere on the night that Rittenhouse was photographed in a bar with members of the group.

Pierce closed for the night with a threat of lawsuits for anyone “publishing false and defamatory statements…without getting both sides,” but he was back at it hours later, reiterating his call to get “the whole Rittenhouse gang back together” on Carlson’s show, even publishing a poll to get his social media following’s support for the idea.

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It’s not clear whether the plan would be likely to work out — The Hill reported last month that Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, threw Tucker Carlson’s film team out of the room multiple times during preparation for the trial, considering the whole thing a bad idea and a distraction.

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