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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Ex-Attorney Is Now Threatening To Sue The Family

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Ex-Attorney Is Now Threatening To Sue The Family

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney

“Ask [the Rittenhouses] how much money they owe me,” John Pierce tweets, following it with another that says, “We’ll just have to let a court decide.”

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

Pierce used to represent Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager (17 at the time, though a legal adult now) who is facing murder charges after admitting to shooting two Black Lives Matter protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Now, he and the family seem to be on opposite sides of everything — and Pierce’s tweets seem to suggest that “everything” could include a courtroom.

It started with Pierce placing a poll about whether the FBI would respond to a report he made that an employee was threatened. (The threat comes from a brand-new Twitter account with no profile pic, a name that’s mostly a string of numbers, and a total of two tweets — the threats.) Soon, though, someone responded, turning the conversation to Rittenhouse.

Pierce responded by declaring that he had “scraped [the Rittenhouse family] off the street” and that they owed him “7 figures” — a million dollars or more — in legal fees. He went on to attack Rittenhouse’s current lawyer, and when his critic tried to pull him back to the point, he declared again that he is owed.

However, when confronted with recent news in which the Rittenhouse family alleges that Pierce tried to divert $2 million donated for Kyle’s defense to his own accounts, he really spun out.

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“We’ll just let a court decide,” he announced, following the threat with an “if necessary.”

He also left the possibility of a defamation lawsuit hanging, after describing his hypothetical pursuit of fees as “After the criminal trial, that is. Or before,” making it clear that the family could spend years in court, regardless of whether Kyle is convicted, if Pierce chose to push these cases.

As reported last week, Kyle Rittenhouse’s other former lawyer has also been speaking out about Pierce, echoing the family’s assertion that Pierce had made an effort to divert funds to himself.

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