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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Conspiracy-Dealing Lawyer Fears Israel Is Prepping For Release Of Deadlier Virus

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Conspiracy-Dealing Lawyer Fears Israel Is Prepping For Release Of Deadlier Virus

Lin Wood attacks Israel

Lin Wood is one of the attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse, and a right-wing conspiracy theorist. Now, he’s got a new one. He suggests that Israel isn’t really enacting a shutdown as protection against COVID-19 spread, but because there’s another virus to be ‘released’ that is even deadlier.

Lin Wood attacks Israel
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Wood’s tweet, painting the scenario as a complete hypothetical — a “just asking questions” approach that offers a little plausible deniability for the allegations he’s tossing around — hints at some deep conspiracy behind the pandemic, and a possible next step.

In case the tweet is deleted, a screenshot will be appended at the end of this story.


The linked story from the Al Monitor reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a 3-week shutdown, basing the decision on advice from medical professionals to minimize risk from the pandemic continuing alongside the seasonal flu. It limits the businesses that can be opened, the distance people are permitted to travel from their homes, and social gatherings.

However, in his tweet, Lin Wood suggests some more sinister reason behind the shutdown. “Or is Israel acting under cover of Covid-19 to protect its citizens from another soon-to-be-released virus that could potentially be more serious than Covid-19.”

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To suggest Israel is acting to protect citizens from some hypothetical act of biological warfare is, obviously, to suggest that Israel is aware of the plot, though Wood doesn’t say whether he’s accusing the country of responsibility, complicity, or merely self-interest and a failure to warn the rest of the world.

As Science Alert explains, there’s not only no evidence COVID-19 was created in a lab, there’s clear evidence that it evolved through natural processes. However, the conspiracy theory that it was created intentionally in a lab in China and released upon the world persists, in the face of all evidence, as the wildest conspiracy theories will do.

Now Wood seems to take the notion, unsupported by any evidence, and add to it another completely fabricated layer: the idea that Israel is somehow involved in secret plans to release a new biological weapon on the world, but can protect their own citizens with a mere three-week shutdown.

Lin Wood conspiracy theories
[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Twitter]
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