Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney Says He Should Be Released, And Ilhan Omar Locked Up Instead

On Tuesday morning, Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney, tweeting a video from the discredited Project Veritas, declared that Kyle Rittenhouse should be released, and Representative Ilhan Omar locked up instead.

Ilhan Omar Kyle Rittenhouse Lin Wood
[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]

Deflection has characterized the past presidential term, and attorney Lin Wood seemed to take a page from that book Tuesday morning. He tweeted a video clip posted by Project Veritas, a right-wing activist organization that has faced legal consequences in the past for the shady practices they use to obtain “gotcha” tapes. They’ve been caught using illegal tactics to record video, and deceptively editing it to give false impressions.

Their latest video purports to show an operative for Representative Ilhan Omar buying votes. However, the video falls short on several levels. As Bring Me The News reports, ballot harvesting was briefly legal in Minnesota this year, but currently, if a person attempted to return more than three ballots (helping up to three people cast their ballot is permitted) only three would be accepted. The individual also could not return three at a time, several times, or at multiple polling places, because their information is recorded and only three ballots returned by that individual would be accepted.

Newsweek was also able to confirm that the man in the video does not work for Ilhan Omar.

Despite all this, Lin Wood tweeted the video out on Tuesday, declaring that it’s “time to release Kyle Rittenhouse from jail,” and also “time to put [Representative Ilhan Omar] on ice.” He also declared that he would be blocking the congresswoman’s Twitter account while he waits for the Justice Department to charge her.

Rittenhouse’s attorneys — Lin Wood and John Pierce — have already been the subject of controversy, not only for maintaining that the 17-year-old, who is charged with murder in the shooting deaths of two protestors in Kenosha Wisconsin, was merely defending himself, but for financial concerns, conspiracy-mongering about Israel and biological weapons, and other odd conspiracies.

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