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Kyle Rittenhouse Protector Ricky Schroder Plans To Disrupt Biden Inauguration; Get Arrested

Kyle Rittenhouse Protector Ricky Schroder Plans To Disrupt Biden Inauguration; Get Arrested

Ricky Schroder, the actor who helped bail out Kyle Rittenhouse, is now declaring his intentions regarding Joe Biden’s inauguration. On the Parler social network, Schroder said he plans to be arrested for protesting on January 20.

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Parler Takes, a Twitter account that shares screenshots of Parler posts, tweeted an image Wednesday of a post Schroder had made, then deleted. In that parley, the actor declares that on January 20, he will be in Washington DC. He hopes he’ll be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration for a second term (though Trump lost the election), but if not, he says, his alternate plan is to be arrested protesting what he calls the “Biden/Harris/China administration.”

Though Schroder deleted that, he posted a longer take on Parler saying much the same:

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Ricky Schroder expects to be arreste protesting Joe Biden
[Screenshot via Ricky Schroder/Parler]

God Willing…on January 20th I will be in Washington DC to Celebrate President Trumps Inauguration. If not…I will March on the Communist Capitol Inaugural Event to Demand Election Security for 2020 and all future Elections. Without a trustworthy election system we have no Country. The Biden/Harris/Obama/China/Corporate Alliance will not take Power. We do not give it to them We retain it.

As a freedom loving American I reject corrupt leadership. I Reject Politician’s who don’t put America’s Security first. If that means getting arrested…so be it. If that means fighting back…so be it. Give me Election Security & Transparency now. I invite any who feel the same to join me.

The actor has been lashing out over the election, recently declaring that “a man named President-Elect Joe Biden” should have been arrested and charged with corruption, rather than elected President of the United States. Though at that time Schroder was acknowledging that Biden is indeed the President-Elect, while many Trump supporters continued to deny that fact, his latest posts suggest that he thinks that could still change, and that there’s still some possibility of Donald Trump being confirmed to a second term of presidency. However, when that doesn’t happen, Schroder’s current plan — at least, according to his social media posts — is to show up in Washington D.C. and protest in a manner that results in his own arrest.

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