Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer Baselessly Accuses Chief Justice John Roberts Of Pedophile Behavior After Voting Rights Case

There’s not really any legitimate basis for deciding that, because someone decided in favor of voting rights, they’re connected to a child sex ring. Unless you’re deep in the Q-Anon web, where everyone you disagree with is involved in pedophilic behavior. The lack of any logical connection didn’t stop Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney, Lin Wood, from leveling that accusation at Chief Justice John Roberts, however.

Lin Wood attacks Israel
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This is convoluted, but here’s how it goes. There’s a case in Pennsylvania to extend the time for mail-in voting. It has made it all the way to the Supreme Court. Wall Street Journal has the details, but the short version is that Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the three more liberal members of the court, and Pennsylvania ballots received within 3 days of election day will be counted.

Some of Donald Trump’s more ardent supporters are not fans of this ruling, and by extension, Chief Justice Roberts.

Tom Fitton, President of the right-wing activist group Judicial Watch, tweeted that this might indicate Roberts wanted Trump to lose the election. Fitton did not comment directly on whether he personally would still prefer the president to win, if that meant some voters had to be disenfranchised.

Lin Wood, who has made a name for himself by representing Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with murder in the shooting of protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and who isn’t a complete stranger to Q-Anon conspiracy theories, weighed in. Without directly accusing Roberts of anything, he used hashtags and some ‘just asking innocent questions’ behavior to insinuate a lot.

Linking the decision to Judicial corruption, he hinted that perhaps Justice John Roberts was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, and if his name was the one on Epstein’s released flight logs.

Aside from the fact that there’s no good connection between voting rights and pedophilia, and that re-election for Trump, who was friends with Epstein himself and who was also accused of raping a victim at Epstein’s home, wouldn’t somehow endanger a Supreme Court Justice with Epstein ties, there’s another problem with this theory.

A searchable Epstein Flight Log has no entries for a ‘John Roberts’ at all. It would be really hard for the John Roberts on the list to be the same John Roberts on the Supreme Court, if there’s no John Roberts on the list at all. In fact, the only ‘Roberts’ on the list is Virginia Roberts Giuffre — who is another of Epstein’s accusers.

It’s not entirely clear whether there is information Wood is privy to that isn’t showing up on the searchable flight logs, or whether he’s simply mistaken, or if he’s making things up. What is definitely clear is that he is leveling accusations at a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, without evidence or reasonable connection, as a response to a court decision on access to voting rights.

Lin Wood accuses Chief Justice John Roberts
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