Kyle Rittenhouse Fires Attorney Connected To Fundraising

Kyle Rittenhouse, awaiting trial for the shooting deaths of two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has reportedly fired an attorney whose connections and struggles raised questions and concerns throughout the case.

John Pierce accused of threatening wife
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

John Pierce’s money troubles have made headlines since before he was connected to Rittenhouse. New concerns arose when he was connected to the fundraising efforts. Then, Rittenhouse himself, of course, has managed to stay in the news for things like hanging out at bars with white supremacist group members, and having an arrest warrant issued for breaking bond.

Now, according to RawStory, Kyle has fired the attorney who was seen in social media photos with the shooter and his mother, citing in part a difference of opinion between Pierce and his client regarding setting up a trust to handle funds donated for Rittenhouse’s defense.

Pierce himself issued a brief statement affirming that he was no longer working for Rittenhouse, boasting in terse sentences of the success he claims in his mission to free Kyle, calling for a full acquittal, and wishing the young shooter, who had a birthday and became a legal adult while free on bail, a “happy, healthy life.”

Pierce did not address that the Rittenhouse account, freekyleusa, had made insinuations about the financial situation.

Despite currently distancing themselves and Kyle from any association with John Pierce, as recently as mid-January, the pro-Kyle account was tweeting praise of the embattled attorney, describing him as an “absolute savage” who had “drop[ped] the hammer on Kenosha prosecutors.”

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