Kyle Rittenhouse Donations Back In Hands Of Indebted, Embattled Attorney

Funding for Kyle Rittenhouse becomes controversial once again, as one of the attorneys who has been publicly involved with his case announces that funding is back in the hands of another attorney, who previously stepped away from the organization accepting donations on his behalf after public scrutiny of his own finances.

[Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

We reported back in June, before the public ever heard Kyle Rittenhouse’s name, about John Pierce, his connections to Rudy Giuliani, allegations of corruption, and massive debt. After the shootings in August, Pierce, along with L. Lin Wood, took on Rittenhouse’s case, and a fundraiser began to collect money to cover the teenager’s legal costs. It wasn’t long before there were questions about the fundraising and how the money would be used, and Pierce publicly announced that he would be stepping away from the “Fight Back” fund to “avoid even the appearance of any conflict or impropriety.”

However, the Fight Back fund is now shifting its focus to the 2020 elections, and Lin Wood says that Kyle’s donations will be back in Pierce’s hands.

While Wood may be diverting his attention, he’s not officially off the case — the Milwaukee Jouranl Sentinel reports that he has requested, and received, permission to join counsel for Rittenhouse in Wisconsin courts, and the next hearing, at which he is expected to appear, is on Thursday. Rittenhouse is currently free, after actor Ricky Schroder and MyPillow Exec Mike Lindell donated to help cover his $2 million bail.

The bail was set at such a high amount because Rittenhouse was considered a flight risk, the Milwaukee Independent reports, after one of the victims’ father expressed concern that militia groups would help hide Kyle if he was freed.

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