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Kyle Rittenhouse Case: New Financial Allegations, Complications, Regarding Former Attorneys, Donors

Kyle Rittenhouse Case: New Financial Allegations, Complications, Regarding Former Attorneys, Donors

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney

The case of Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with murdering two Black Lives Matter protestors in Wisconsin, has been the central hub for a variety of side scandals and allegations. Several of these have centered around the reputation of his attorneys, and/or funding connected to his case.

John Pierce accused of threatening wife
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

First, Rittenhouse’s then-attorney, John Pierce, was criticized for being connected to the fundraising for the shooter’s defense, when he was publicly having financial struggles of his own. Later, there were allegations that Pierce had tried to use the money donated for his teenaged client’s bond to get a cash advance for his own use.

Now, Sunlight Reports has located allegations that Pierce disappeared with funds — to the tune of $63k — when he was fired from Kyle’s case, and isn’t responding to contacts made in an effort to get that money returned.

The allegation comes from a Twitter account called FreeKyleUSA, which has been connected to Rittenhouse’s family and to fundraising for the shooter’s defense. This account has been very defensive of Rittenhouse, and expressed opposition to Pierce before. In the tweet in question, they tag Pierce’s Twitter account (@CaliKidJMP) and ask if anyone can get him to return $63k he allegedy absconded with.

If that’s not enough weird new financial scandal connected to the Kyle Rittenhouse case, there’s another twist: Sunlight Reports also notes that a screenshot of text messages has surfaced, in which the unidentified texter says that Ricky Schroder — the actor who donated $150k to help bail Kyle out of prison after his murder charges — has reneged, and is now describing the money as a loan, and he wants it back.

Again, the texts in question come from the @freeKyleUSA account. While the identity of the individual running the account is not publicly released, they are directly connected with the Rittenhouse family, and the texts are purported to be from John Pierce.

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The texts are dated back in January, about two weeks before Pierce’s firing from the Rittenhouse case became public knowledge.

The texter, allegedly Pierce, says, “I was hanging out with Ricky today…he did casually mention he defiitely was expecting the 150k back from the bail.”

Pierce has not publicly responded to any of these allegations, and there appear to have been no legal actions taken by anyone involved regarding any of the funds.

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