Kyle Rittenhouse Bond At Risk After White Power Sign In Bar

Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with murder after he admitted to shooting protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, could be facing changes to the terms of his release. Photos circulating on social media show the 18-year-old in a bar in Wisconsin, with his mother, drinking beer and allegedly hanging out with Proud Boys members and flashing a ‘white power’ sign.

The hand signal long accepted as meaning ‘OK’ has been clearly co-opted by white supremacists, who use the gesture to mean ‘white power’ instead. It gives some plausible deniability, since anyone criticized for the gesture can claim they were signing ‘OK’ and that they had no idea the signal had any other meaning, despite the years of history. (The ADL recognizes the gesture being used by racists since at least 2017.)

According to the Washington Post, however, the gesture could be a problem for Rittenhouse, who took a weapon to a Black Lives Matter protest, and turned himself in after two protestors were killed. He’s pled ‘not guilty’ to murder charges, and is out on bail while awaiting trial, but prosecutors aren’t happy about photos that went viral, showing Rittenhouse — now legal adult — in a bar drinking with his mom, wearing a shirt that reads “free as f**k,” and reportedly using the ‘white power’ hand signal while taking photos with alleged Proud Boys members.

The Kenosha District Attorney’s office is requesting that a judge specifically forbid Rittenhouse from drinking alcohol, using white supremacist signs, and spending time with Proud Boys as a condition of his bond.

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