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Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney’s Personal Legal Struggles Surface To Complicate Case

Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney’s Personal Legal Struggles Surface To Complicate Case

John Pierce, Former Rittenhouse attorney

Attorney John Pierce’s own legal, financial, and business struggles have complicated his connection to Kyle Rittenhouse’s case previously. Rittenhouse is facing murder charges after the deaths of two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Now court documents regarding Pierce have surfaced again.

John Pierce accused of threatening wife
[Photo of John Pierce With Rittenhouse Family via John Pierce/Twitter]

Allegations that Pierce made threats against his ex-wife, Alyze Pierce, have come up before. Samantha Michaels, a reported for Mother Jones, dug up court documents in October, in which Pierce is accused of texting his ex-wife a long list of derogatory or threatening messages, including calling her a “libtard,” threatening to “f*** u and ur kind up,” “bury you if I have to,” and suggesting she “watch Jack Baur on 24 if ur curious what I’m capable of.”

Business Insider had also reported in September on the restraining order Pierce’s ex reportedly sought after she received dozens of text messages from the attorney.

Not all of Pierce’s personal difficulties involved his behavior towards his ex, though. Washington Post reported, also in September, that Pierce was separating himself from Rittenhouse’s defense fund, due to potential for “appearance of conflict” as his law firm has been accused of defaulting on millions of dollars in debts. However, Pierce then resumed control of those funds after Lin Wood, another attorney who was representing Rittenhouse, diverted his attention to election lawsuits.

Now the Daily Mail has obtained “hundreds of pages of court documents” that reportedly show accusations of unpaid taxes, defaults on business loans, and the text to Alyze Pierce. They’ve published excerpts in which Alyze Pierce says that she feared for not only her safety, but that of her children, and a copy of a restraining order, as well as emails about suicide, hospitalization, finances and more.

They also published a response statement from Pierce, saying that he “care[s] deeply” about Alyze “as the mother of my children,” and that “those are family issues.”

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The attorney later tweeted the article, not denying any of the contents, but describing himself as “on my personal road to redemption.”

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