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Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney John Pierce’s Inflammatory Capitol Riot Tweets, Examined

Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney John Pierce’s Inflammatory Capitol Riot Tweets, Examined

Rittenhouse attorney on Capitol riots

John Pierce, who was one of the first attorneys connected publicly to the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, and who is also associated with Rudy Giuliani and conspiracy-touting attorney Lin Wood, also posted inflammatory tweets defneding the attack on the Capitol.

Rittenhouse attorney on Capitol riots
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Medium shared some of these tweets and a little background on the attorney, noting Pierce’s other legal troubles and his connection to Rittenhouse and Giuliani.

Many of these no longer appear on Pierce’s Twitter timeline — such as one reading, “When Tyranny [sic] reaches a certain point, the time for peaceful protest comes to an end,” and another reading “I’m already in. Just rally the pitchforks to storm Sacramento when we declare the pandemic over…”

This last one is in response to another tweet, and without that context, it’s not clear what Pierce is promising to be “already in” for, or how literally to take the line about storming Sacramento.

Still, coming on the evening of January 6th, while Congress went forward with their work after rioters were cleared from the Capitol, it’s got an ominous air.

Tweets that are still visible on Pierce’s timeline, however, include an offer to defend those charged after the attack, calling them patriots. Remember, even Ivanka Trump deleted her tweet applying this label to the attackers after criticism, as The Wrap reported earlier this month.

The evening of the attack Pierce also again credited Kyle Rittenhouse with “start[ing] the process” to respond to “tyranny,” and called for more efforts to “take our country back” — something that MAGA rioters had just failed at a few hours earlier.

Even a week and a half later, Pierce was tweeting to disagree with the notion that an actual attack on the government of the United States could be seen as worse than protests and even riots over state-sanctioned killing of Black Americans without benefit judge or jury.

In another tweet, Pierce responds to someone who wonders if every inauguration day going forward will need the incredible level of protection required for Biden’s to protect against more right-wing violence. “Until we get the commies out of power,” Pierce assures, it will.

Though there are no posts suggesting Pierce knew what was coming, he attacked Senators and other officials for condemning it — responding, for example, to Ted Cruz’s blanket condemnation of violence with an order for the Texas Senator to help “take the country back” or to “get out of the way” for MAGA to “do it ourselves.”

He lashed out at Jim Jordan, too, suggesting that he should be continuing the right-wing attack on those who attempted to hold Trump accountable for his ties to Russian interference in the 2016 elections, rather than condemning the attack on the U.S. by Trump’s supporters.

Perhaps most chilling?

Likening the attack to the Boston Tea Party and responding to a post from The Federalist, Pierce promises that this is just the beginning.

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